Pay Per Click

Get on the first page of Google - Today

Nothing gets you onto Google Page #1 faster than Google's Ad Network - Pay Per Click. Here are some key reasons to use Pay Per Click.

It’s scalable

Once you find keywords that convert, it becomes easy to get more results.

It converts

It makes you money.

Your competitors are doing it

Lots of businesses are already using PPC and getting great results.

It’s (usually) easier than SEO

SEO often takes lots of effort. Normally more than PPC before seeing results.

It’s measureable

Advanced reporting features make it easy to see what is working and what is not.

It’s flexible

Target whoever you want, wherever they are, whatever time you want and with whatever budget you have.

It’s faster than SEO

SEO takes time where as Pay Per Click results are overnight.

It’s engaging

It attracts and holds prospect's attention.

It’s complementary

PPC is a great channel to add to your existing marketing efforts.

If you want traffic fast from potential patients with a positive R.O.I., there is nothing that beats pay per click (PPC) marketing. However, a poorly created pay per click campaign will eat up your marketing budget in a hurry without showing a positive R.O.I.


How We Build Successful Pay Per Click Campaigns:



1 Analytics – We make the most of your PPC campaign by analyzing your site metrics while making the necessary changes based on current site data. We examine all metrics in determining optimized keyword performance. We provide the initial pay per click campaign setup and continually make necessary changes as the campaign progresses.
2 Bidding – All keywords are tested in order to determine what should be paid for clicks for each keyword or keyword phrase. This is done in order to get the most out of your marketing budget while establishing a positive R.O.I. By regularly optimizing keywords and ad text, you will save money enabling you to stretch your marketing budget further.
3 Contextual Advertising – With contextual advertising, your ads appear on other websites run by other web masters in either your market or related markets rather than Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). We analyze, monitor, and target the best sites in the contextual network while creating the most effective ads that yield the highest R.O.I.
4 Competitive Analysis – We take a look at your competitors’ best performing ads and keywords to jump start your campaign. We examine their strengths, weaknesses, and advertising trends in order to build the most effective campaign for your business from the start.
5 Split Testing – Once ads are created, they are then tested to determine the best performing ad content. We also split test landing pages and ad copy to increase on site conversions.
6 Sponsored Search – Sponsored Search ads appear on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) next to and sometimes above the organic/free results. While pay per click ads generate less traffic than organic/free listings, they can be very effective in delivering buyers to your website. Our marketing experts will set up and monitor your campaign to make sure buyers are coming to your site and not just wasting your ad spend.


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