Healthcare Providers Can’t Afford to Skip Mobile
medical mobile marketing


Do you want to successfully market as a healthcare provider? In order to do that in today’s world you must “think mobile.”

According to Paul G. Matsen, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Cleveland Clinic, in regard to brand recognition fellow marketing professionals must be aware how mobile has transformed digital media in the last 3 to 5 years and this is only going to continue. Paul went on to say that in August among a total of 19 million visits to the Cleveland Clinic website, 69 percent of those visits were made on a smartphone or tablet device. He advises marketing professionals provide a great mobile user experience.

Remember to build this into your planning. How will your responsive design enable or hinder the mobile user? For example, if you want your intended audience not to miss the message in search engines like Google, make sure when you are thinking about a search campaign that the campaign in fact works on mobile devices.

Apple iPhones Reach both the World and Doctors

It has been apparent that the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 was much anticipated with its numerous mentions in both digital and print media. Apple sold a record 10 million iPhone 6 smartphones. The initial launch of the iPhone 6 was to a limited amount of countries. Since the iPhone will be available in 115 countries by the end of the year, the marketing potential to reach mobile users is as never before.

It is important to note that Forbes reports that one third of doctors might buy the iPhone 6. Approximately 85 percent of physicians are already using iPhones.

Mobile Devices are Passing Desktops and Laptops

CNN Money states that as recent as January 2014, for the first time the American population used smartphone and tablet apps more than personal computers to access the internet. According to Pew Research, 91 percent of US adults own a mobile phone of which 61 percent of those are smart phones. With the record sales of iPhone 6 in its first week alone, it is highly likely that percentage will quickly increase. Comscore reports that in the United States there are 71 million tablet users and about 143 million smart phone users. Mobile Industry News states that one fourth of Americans use mobile devices exclusively to access the internet.

The Mobile Takeover

As if these facts were not convincing enough for your healthcare marketing plan to go mobile, check these facts out. Al most one out of five Facebook users is mobile only reports Fast Company. Industry monitors also add that over three quarters of Facebook users and Twitter users are mobile device users with over half of their emails first opened on a mobile device. Interestingly, Media Connection states that mobile ads outperform online ads, (now that indeed is a point to ponder), and it has been shown that tablet users spend 50 percent more online than PC users.

In conclusion it must be noted that according to About Money, mobile payments are on the rise in retail business, service industries and charitable giving. So when it comes to your healthcare marketing plan, are you in a good position to take advantage of fee-for-service, charitable giving and hospital foundation contributions from mobile users?